Giobean Story

As many as 1,200 compounds contribute to the unique flavour of coffee versus 800 for wine. Coffee’s richness develops as the raw bean is roasted, caramelizing the natural sugars and releasing aromatic oils. The final flavour depends on the bean type, where they were grown, their ripeness at harvest, the length and intensity of roasting, and, of course, preparation. Few people know how to brew a perfect cup of coffee more expertly than Giovanni (Gio) Lauretta of GioBean Espresso in Kelowna. – Lisa Harrison, Savour 2010

There’s European-café-style charm in our bustling coffee house. You’ll see customers greeted on a first name basis and their coffee preferences remembered. We’re equally welcoming of new visitors and we’re ready to share a unique experience. You’ll be tempted by freshly baked croissants, muffins and scones … and, it is the specialty coffee you choose that will make you a Giobean devotee!

Winter lunchtimes we have soup and rustic sandwich specials. Our summertime gelato counter is a favourite with families.

Gio has thrived in the coffee industry for almost 20 years.

In the UK, Gio was national accounts manager with one of the world’s leading coffee roasters and a major supplier of workplace coffee systems. Gio has ‘espresso’ trained more than 13,000 people and, as a coffee taster, was one of Douwe Egberts’ 30 elite tasters/cuppers in the world; his title: Coffee Specialist.

Giobean serves Gio’s first proprietary blend:


Our beans are grown above 600mt above sea level, some are grown shaded and some in the sun. There are more than 60 varieties of coffee beans, but the most commonly used are Arabica and Robusta. The Arabica bean is slower to mature than the little brother Robusta bean which grows below 600mt. Each individual bean has got its own character. Coffee is like wine as you need the same fertile soil and the same amount of rain per year. Wine has up to 800 different characteristics and flavours where coffee has up to 1500. Coffee is much more complex than wine.


100% Arabica beans organic and fairly traded
5 different origins
Roasted medium to dark
Slow roasted so that all the flavours and attribute of the beans will be released during the roast
Taste Profile

You should taste at the point of your tongue you should taste a rich and creamy body with a treacle sweetness of toffee flavour, more complex notes can be found around your mouth as there are some notes of marzipan roasted almonds and right at the back of your tongue you will enjoy some notes of dark slightly spicy chocolate.

As they are very good quality beans we only use one roast for all our coffees i.e. espresso based drinks and drip coffee. You can also purchase and enjoy our coffee at Giobean or online. You can use our blend for all your kind of machines and we can also grind it for you if you do not have a grinder at home.


After oil, coffee is the second most traded commodity. Today’s figures show the world needs 127 million bags of 60kg each. The top coffee producers in the world are Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Indonesia.