Award-winning coffee blends crafted by an Italian-born coffee specialist

Exceptional from bean to cup

After 11 successful years with our Gi0bean coffee shop in Kelowna, BC, our commitment now is to provide a broad range of services for coffee connoisseurs across Canada
Coffee to savour at home, in business, and for new coffee ventures

Roasting in the Okanagan Valley, BC

SINCE 2010

Giobean coffee blends

Our blends are 100% Premium Arabica beans: Organic Blend & Fairly Traded. Enjoy our Medium-dark roast or try our Premium Dark. Our gift to you: an amazing cup of coffee. Purchase our beans for use at home; we also sell wholesale, develop custom blends and provide professional coffee business consulting.

Business Consulting

If you would like to enjoy our proprietary blends anywhere in Canada, please contact us.

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