Business consulting

Coffee houses, restaurants, hotels, resorts and offices across Canada now benefit from Giovanni Lauretta’s 20+-year coffee industry knowledge, experience and passion.

Gio coaches business leaders, entrepreneurs, and their employee teams to elevate their customers’ experiences, venue ambience and product quality. The ultimate goal: enhanced customer satisfaction and increased profit.

Giobean espresso business consulting services include:

  • On-site review/audit of your coffee products, ambience and customer service
  • Barista training
  • Bean to cup education
  • Wholesale coffee beans
  • Exclusive coffee blend development under your brand
  • Coffee-house planning and design

Business consulting engagements are always customized, confidential, engaging and effective.

If you are a business leader committed to bringing exceptional coffee products and experiences to your clientele, please contact Giovanni Lauretta. We’d be pleased to hear about your business opportunities and see how we may be of help.

If you would like to enjoy our proprietary blends anywhere in Canada, please contact us.

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