the Oracle® Touch


Similar to high-end commercial espresso machines, the Oracle® Touch™ uses a porta-filter to deliver three key components of café quality coffee; these include: a dose amount of 19 – 22 grams, precise water temperature throughout extraction, and optimal 9-bar water pressure. However, Breville’s innovative design automates all the tricky parts by grinding, dosing and tamping your coffee—for you.

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  • Drinks ‘’Menu’’
  • 8 Custom Drinks
  • Intuitive Interface with quick start guide
  • In-store ‘’demo’’ mode, silent sales-man
  • Auto Grinding, Dosing & Tamping
  • Automatic Milk Frothing
  • Adjustable Milk Temperature and Texture, Auto Off
  • Auto Steam wand purge function
  • PID Digital Temperature Control
  • Auto Low Pressure Pre-infusion & 9 Bar Extraction Pressure
  • Dual Boiler, Triple Heat System

If you would like to enjoy our proprietary blends anywhere in Canada, please contact us.

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