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The world’s first automatic manual coffee machine delivering true café quality without a barista. Includes auto grind and tamp, gold standard dosing and temperature control; plus auto milk texturing. Two cappuccinos in 90 seconds!

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Includes engaging welcome booklet with everything you need to know. Closing tips include:

Always Try to Buy Coffee that has a ‘Roasted On’ Date
For best results, we suggest using beans 5-30 days after the ‘Roasted On’ date.

Adjust Your Grinder
This is critical in controlling espresso quality. Adjust up for faster, and down for slower.

Clean Your Steam Tip
You’ll only get the best milk results if you keep the holes in the steam tip clean. Wipe thoroughly after EVERY use and remove, clean and soak if milk results change over time.

If you would like to enjoy our proprietary blends anywhere in Canada, please contact us.

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